Small scale luxury that is both relaxing and functional is on trend for bathroom renovations in 2018.

Home Renovation Trends in 2018 that Every Homeowner Should Know

Remodeling your home can seem like a daunting task, especially when trying to stay current with home renovation trends in 2018.

While a lot of what homeowners end up doing really boils down to personal taste, it doesn’t hurt to be mindful of what’s trending in home renovations if you are thinking about potentially putting your home on the market in the near future.

So, what home renovation trends are the most popular now that we’re a month to 2018? This post will give you the rundown of what you can do to make each part of your house as up to date as possible.

The kitchen

A focal point of the home, the kitchen is the place where functionality and aesthetics merge. This year’s home renovation trends see the kitchen as a place for bold colors that replace the white kitchens of years past. Moody blues and greens are popular choices for cabinets, and even appliances this year.

Dark countertops are also more popular. Black, dark green and multi-colored rust tones are more desirable this year. Another material to consider if you are renovating your countertop space is quartz. It’s incredibly hardy, anti-microbial and easier to maintain than its competitor, granite.

Home renovation trends in 2018 so far also indicate that high contrast marble is a more popular choice, with homeowners looking to make a statement with their countertops.

When it comes to finishing, gone are the days of kitchens that are entirely monochromatic. Mixing and matching color schemes are in style. One way to achieve this look when redoing your kitchen is to paint base walls or cabinets in a dark tone, and upper cabinets in an off white.

For appliances, a feature appliance like a stove or fridge in a bold color can make a statement.

The rise of the smart home

As with many areas of the house, kitchen renovation trends in 2018 are gravitating more and more toward taking advantage of what technology can offer.

Smart kitchens are on the rise, with touches like smart faucets that turn on and off automatically with motion detection. When it comes to appliances, smart fridges can tell homeowners when their groceries are beginning to run low.

Another renovation trend taking over kitchens this year comes down to making the best use of the space available, both with what’s visible and what’s not. Removing upper cabinets that are difficult to reach anyway can free up space to make the kitchen appear larger.

For cabinets that are essential, homeowners are increasingly trying to make these as efficient as possible in terms of space usage. Features such as cutlery dividers for kitchen drawers, or roll out drawers for pots and pans, allow storage space to be used in the most effective way possible.

Gray toned appliances with a dark metal finish are becoming more popular, a departure from the traditional stainless steel or white appliances of kitchens in previous years.

When it comes to kitchen flooring, hardwood floor remains a popular choice, but ceramic tile is not far behind.

A multi-purpose island is a great feature to consider if you're renovating your home in 2018.

Another area of the kitchen that is drawing more and more attention is the island. Home renovation trends in 2018 see the kitchen island as becoming a multi-purpose, central part of the room.

Not only for counter space, the kitchen island is also a storage solution. Sometimes it even contains appliances like a dishwasher or wine fridge.

Kitchen renovations often see the island becoming a bar and a seating space as well. This is particularly true now that open concept homes are more popular. Kitchens and living areas are blending into one more than ever before.

The bathroom

The overarching theme when it comes to bathroom renovation trends in 2018 is comes down to making use of small spaces. Sprawling bathrooms are a thing of the past.

Nowadays, homeowners are making the best possible use of smaller washrooms, while still paying attention to touches that can bring about a luxurious ambiance. Bathrooms are not just a place to get ready before rushing out the door in the morning.

This year’s renovation trends are treating these tiny yet essential rooms of the house as more of a refuge or a quiet place to relax as you prep or unwind from the day.

So what does this look like in terms of re-modelling? Walk in showers, Free-standing single bathtubs, and smaller but well designed toilets and sink bowls are in. The use of shelving as opposed to cabinets combined with large floating vanities all help increase the perception of space.

Bathroom design in 2018

When it comes to the bathroom sink, stone sinks that give off a natural, organic feel are trending this year. Brass fixtures are also making a comeback, both in the bathroom and other rooms of the house.

Colorfully and artfully designed tiles are also in style. Different shapes and textures are on trend, from diamond to arabesque to chevron patterns. Unique tiles aren’t just for the floor. Home renovation trends in 2018 see these being used on backsplashes, shower walls, and even as ceiling accents.

Just like in the kitchen, bathroom renovation trends this year indicate that these spaces will also go more high tech. Smart bathrooms have numerous possibilities for the tech-savvy homeowner.

Automatic faucets and showers that automatically know your preferred temperature are just the beginning. High tech toilets, which have already seen a rise to popularity in Japan, are starting to make their way here as well.

Small-scale luxury that is a prevalent bathroom theme this year can also be found in features like under floor heating, or installation of conveniences like a small fridge for medications or organic skincare products. Another on trend touch is a heated drawer for linens and towels.

Neutral décor with an organic feel reigns supreme in the bathroom this year. Trend conscious homeowners are gravitating toward whites, greys and warm browns for the walls.

The bedroom

In the bedroom, a casual and calm minimalist look is on trend this year. Similar to the bathroom, soothing neutrals and functional pieces are popular choices for renovating homeowners.

When it comes to accent choices, millwork feature walls and detailing have seen a rise in popularity. Shiplap, millwork panels and reclaimed wood boards aren’t a new phenomenon. But big box stores have make them more affordable as DIY options for accents. This trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and makes a great choice for bedroom feature walls.

Pendant lights and metallics hit the mark for bedroom renovation trends this year.

Lighting choices have moved away from the traditional bedside table lamp. This year, hanging pendant lights beside the bed are trending, and a metallic look for these is a popular choice.

In terms of utility, more bedroom renovations are seeing docking stations being built in as a handy place to charge cell phones and tablets without cluttering up nightstands or dressers.

The living room

Home renovation trends in recent years have seen open spaces taking the place of what traditionally were separate rooms. Kitchens and living areas now morph together to create spaces that are both for function and for relaxation all in one.

In the living room, earthy colors for walls are on the rise, combined with rich color choices for sofas. The organic feel is also prominent here this year. Many homeowners using mixed materials and implementing wood into their home renovation choices.

Living room renovation trends in 2018 see vintage lighting fixtures such as brass or copper being used for unique features, like hanging pendant lights. A more industrial look in the living room is also on the rise. Some homeowners are choosing concrete accents for their living space.

Outdoor home renovation trends in 2018

With so many home renovation trends to note for 2018 inside the house, it may seem easy to forget about outdoor space. But there are many ways that homeowners can take advantage of their backyard and their home’s exterior.

Unusual front doors that make a statement are becoming more popular this year. For the backyard, creating an outdoor dining space that is a focal point of the garden has become trendy. Outdoor oriented homeowners are making their dining area more of a destination within their garden. This creates a new sense of ambiance for outdoor meals.

Making your outdoor dining area a destination is a trend for outdoor renovating in 2018.

Also on trend this year when it comes to outdoor renovations is taking a fresh look at the common types of enclosures of years past. Traditionally, fences would divide a homeowner’s lot from their neighbor. Now, more and more homeowners are leaning toward the use of interesting plants to create an enclosure as opposed to a fence.

Renovating your home in 2018

Home renovation trends this year are as varied as personal preferences between individual homeowners themselves. Whether your home just needs a little bit of attention, or if you’re considering putting it on the market, having an idea of what is on trend when it comes to renovations is useful.

Renovating your home can be a formidable task. Try picking and choosing and specific area to focus on. It’s easier and more cost effective than trying to do everything at once.

This is particularly true if you’re thinking about selling your property. Home renovations can certainly add value. The right listing agent and marketing techniques can ensure that your hard work pays off when it comes to getting the best possible sales price for your home.