Selling your home is a big decision.

At SoldNest, we know the selling process can be stressful, and that’s why we’re here to help. By partnering with a SoldNest agent, you’ll have a knowledgeable and reliable resource to advise you from start to finish. We provide the most comprehensive marketing plan for your property and the digital expertise to execute it - all at just a total of 2-3.5% commission.

So, what does the home selling process consist of?It can be broken down into three steps:

Before Your Home Goes On The Market
• • •

  • Partner With Your SoldNest Agent

    The first thing that your SoldNest agent will do is provide you with a detailed property analysis of your home and put together a plan to help reduce stress.

  • Get Your Home Ready

    After assessing your home, your agent will be able to give you their expert opinion on ways that you can maximize your sales price, from potential updates to quick fixes.

  • Reports & Disclosures

    As a home seller, you will need to provide certain disclosures and reports to the buyer of your property. Your agent will be able to walk through these with you, and ensure that your home sale is fully compliant with all requirements.

Putting Your Home On The Market
• • •

  • Marketing Your Home

    At SoldNest, we combine local real estate market knowledge with digital marketing expertise to craft a customized marketing plan specifically designed for your home. Our marketing campaign will drive demand for your home by distinguishing it from the competition of other homes for sale in the area. We leverage the best of professional photography, 3D video technology and social media targeting.

  • Wait For Offers

    Based on your scheduling preferences, your agent will organize showings of your home for prospective buyers, and carefully scrutinize each offer that comes in.

  • Accept an Offer

    Once you and your agent review an offer that works best for you, you can officially accept it, and expect the timeframe from offer to close to take about 30 days.

After Accepting an Offer
• • •

  • Start the Closing Process

    Once you’ve accepted an offer, the buyer will then make a good faith deposit in escrow, begin their loan process, and proceed with any inspections. Meanwhile, you will be able to start preparing for your next step.

  • Following up with the Buyer

    Your agent will make sure the closing is seamless by following up with the buyer’s agent and loan officer to make sure everything is on track.

  • Closing the Sale

    Once you and the buyer sign the final documents, it’s official. The proceeds will be wired to your account, and your home sale is complete.

Sell Your Home For More And
Only Pay 2-3.5% Total Commission.

List with a local SoldNest agent and get five-star service with lower commissions.