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Without any obligation or pressure to partner with us, your neighborhood SoldNest agent will customize your hassle free home sale plan.

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Your experienced, non-commissioned agent will guide you through the home selling process. Reliability, responsiveness, and someone that’s with you every step of the way.

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We GUARANTEE the best marketing at the lowest commission or we’ll sell your house for free.

What Makes SoldNest So Different?

We know that the home selling process can be overwhelming. It's an unfortunate reality in the industry that many agents will likely pressure you to make decisions, or use questionable sales tactics. We also know that almost all agents still charge high commissions despite not taking the marketing they do to its full potential for the home that they’re selling. All of these reasons are why SoldNest was founded.

SoldNest is a full service, Silicon Valley real estate brokerage with agents who are not driven by high commissions. Unlike other agents who may sacrifice their integrity for a hefty commission check, SoldNest agents are paid on salary and receive bonuses based on customer satisfaction. Because of this, you won’t be getting a high pressure sales pitch from us. It's just not the way we work.

We save homeowners like you thousands of dollars when selling their home. We do this by charging only a 1.5% listing fee. Compared to the minimal marketing you'll receive from other agents, we maximize the demand for the homes we sell by integrating a powerful digital marketing plan specifically targeted to your potential buyer.

Your SoldNest advisor is a local neighborhood agent who is with you every step of the way. We’ll create a customized home sale plan for you with absolutely no obligation for you to sign anything.

You Shouldn’t Feel Pressured and Have to Pay High Commissions When Selling Your Home
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What Other Agents DoWhat SoldNest Does
High Pressure Sales TacticsNo Pressure or Used Car Salesman Gimmicks
Straight CommissionSalary + Bonus based on results and customer review
Will Tell You Commissions Aren't NegotiableCommissions Are Negotiable
180 Day Listing AgreementYou choose
Minimal Marketing to Save on CostsBetter Marketing to Reach More Buyers
Spend Advertising Dollars to Market Themselves in Your Neighborhood to Get the Next Listing (just listed postcards, ads, etc)Spend More Advertising Dollars Where Buyers Are (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, etc)
Only a Virtual Tour (video only of photographs of home) or No VideoCustom Video With Drone Footage or 3D Video Walk Through
Least Expensive Single Post For Sale SignDouble Post Premium Sign With Solar Lights
Will Tell You They Have "Buyers" to Get You to Sign the Listing AgreementDoesn't Lie and Will Maximize the Marketing to Increase Demand
Will Tell You Their Brokerage Name Affects the Sale of Your HomeThe Buyer Doesn't Care Who the Listing Company is. They Care About the Property Characteristics
3% Listing Fee1.5% LISTING FEE
No GuaranteeGUARANTEE the best marketing at the lowest commission or we sell your house for free

A Smarter Way to Sell

When you partner with your local SoldNest agent you get everything a traditional agent does, but with better marketing, lower commissions, and without the pressure of making you sign a contract. Compared to other brokerages, our efficient business model allows us to provide better service while saving you thousands.

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Silicon Valley Real Estate Market

We break down the latest trends and home prices like nobody else. Our charts, graphs, and other data pulled directly from the MLS will keep you up to date on recent trends in your neighborhood.

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When you sell your home with your neighborhood SoldNest agent, you only pay a 1.5% listing fee. Our technology and digital marketing ensures maximum exposure for the sale of your home. List your home with SoldNest and receive five star service, better marketing, and thousands in savings.

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