An annual spring clean will no doubt your home feeling refreshed.

A DIY Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning. It’s the ultimate household chore that is so daunting to begin, but so rewarding once it’s done. Knowing where to start and how best to maximize your time is half the battle. Luckily there are several ways to put your energies in the right direction to be super efficient with this year’s spring clean.

Try two types of cleaning on doormats

Use a garden hose to clean your outdoor mat and then leave it out to air dry. As for your mat on the inside of your front door, make sure to vacuum it on both sides. By vaccuming the back, you will push any trapped dirt onto the floor. This will make it easier to pick up and leave the mat itself nice and clean.

Refresh your bed

Giving your mattress a good clean will no doubt freshen up your bed. Use the upholstery tool on your vacuum to get into the nooks and crannies. Once that’s done, clean any noticeable stains with upholstery cleaner. When it’s dry again, use a disinfectant spray to sanitize the mattress.

Next, give your pillows and comforter a wash to make sure every part of your bed gets a spring clean. Just make sure to check the labels and see if they are machine washable.

Unclog your shower drain

It’s not the nicest spring cleaning task, but so necessary to make your shower clean. Start by getting rid of anything that’s in your shower drain. Then, make this solution to help water flow through your drain more easily. Just combine half a cup of baking soda with a quarter cup of table salt. Pour this down the drain and then pour down a cup of warm vinegar. Let it be for about fifteen minutes, and then run hot tap water down the train for at least thirty seconds.

Spring clean your windows

It’s best to clean your windows on a cloudy or overcast day. You will get a better idea of how much dirt you need to tackle. Not only that, but direct sunlight on your windows while you’re cleaning may dry up your cleanser faster than you can clean it. This can leave streaks – the opposite of what you’re going for during your spring cleaning.

 To get the best shot at getting rid of dirt, tackle your windows on a cloudy day when you do your big spring clean

Get rid of clutter

This can be done year round and certainly isn’t limited to your big spring clean, especially if you have ever thought of selling your home. Regardless, it always makes sense to include de-cluttering on your spring cleaning “To Do” list.

Things like magazines, extra hangers and old or unused make up are some of the first things that make the cut to get rid of. Extra dishes that you never use will create more space in your kitchen cabinets if they’re gone. And not everything has to go in the garbage either. It’s worth checking out what you can sell online or give to a second hand store before you head straight for the bin.

Scrub the grime out of your grout

Cleaning the stains between tiles will leave a bathroom looking refreshed. There is an easy way you can DIY this spring cleaning task. Mix ¾ cups bleach with a gallon of water. Then, put on rubber gloves and eye protection. Now, use a stiff brush to put the mixture on one small area after another. You will need to let the mixture stay on the tile for a few minutes before you give it a scrub and a rinse.

Get stains out of kitchen cutting boards

This may be one of the easiest spring cleaning DIYs yet. Cut a lemon in half and run it over cutting boards to get rid of food stains and any lingering smells. Putting a bit of salt or baking soda on first will give this trick a little boost.

Prepare your patio

Summer is on its way which hopefully means spending more time outdoors. Factor this into your spring cleaning by getting your patio furniture ready. Clean it by using a small amount of dish soap in a bowl of warm water. Once you’ve given everything a good scrub, wash it down with your garden hose and let it air dry.

Give your dishwasher a different kind of task

It’s not just dishes that can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Save yourself time and energy by letting the dishwasher help you with your spring cleaning. Load it up with things like plastic toys. bathroom cups and toothbrush holders so it can clean those things while you focus on something else.

Dishwashers and appliances are important to consider when prioritizing the tasks of your spring clean

Give your dishwasher a spring clean, too

Once your dishwasher has taken some spring cleaning off your plate, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a clean too. First, remove bits of food from the filter at the bottom. Next, take the filter and wash it under hot water. Then, run a normal cycle using any kind of dishwasher cleaner.

Clean out your fridge

It’s one thing to give the shelves in your fridge a quick wipe every now and then. When you’re spring cleaning though, it is worth taking this a step further. Take out the door shelves and vegetable bins. Wash everything with warm water and soap.

Not only will it leave the inside of your fridge looking great, it also gets rid of food bacteria.

Make your microwave shine

On the inside that is. It’s easy for a microwave’s interior to get covered with splotches of food. But there are also DIY ways you can get rid of the mess quickly. You will need a 4 cup bowl that is microwave safe. Add a cup of water and a chopped up lemon or a few tablespoons of vinegar. Next, put the bowl in the microwave and turn it on high for a few minutes. You want the water to boil and the window to be steamy. Once done, let the bowl sit and cool for about 15 minutes before you open the microwave door. After that, take the bowl out and it should be easy to wipe out the inside (and outside) of the microwave with a sponge.

There are countless ways to DIY your way to an effective spring clean. Prioritize the spaces in your house that you feel need the most attention, and start from there. These tasks can be broken up over the course of a few days. By tackling a few things a day for a week, you will have your house feeling and looking refreshed.